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Embossing Machine For Foil & Paper

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Embossing Machine

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Paper Roll Embossing Machine For Aluminum Foil & Paper

Embossing Machine At A Glance

This is a picture of an 850 Embosser.

  • Heavy duty machined steel framework.
  • Unwinder uses hydraulic loading with LPC photoelectric alignment.
  • Mitsubishi magnetic powder brake and a constant tension control for the unwinder.
  • The shafts of the unloader and rewinder come with pneumatic gripping.
  • Three embossing modes may be selected to meet the needs of the different materials used.
  • Rewinder applies constant tension by torque motor.
  • The auto-unloading is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder.
  • 7.5Kw drive motor and inverter.
  • High precision timing belt and transmission.
Paper Or Aluminum Roll Embosser
The Kornylak Corporation offers roll paper embossers that will work with Aluminum-plated paper, aluminum foil paper, art paper, pattern paper, gold and silver card paper, and soft breadth material.

The 850 Embosser is designed to emboss and then rewind the rolled material. A variety of materials may be embossed by the 850 such as: aluminum-plated paper, aluminum foil, art paper, pattern paper, gold and silver card paper and other soft materials.

The 1500 embossing machine is a heavy-duty embosser. It is design to handle wider rolls and thicker materials. It is mainly used for embossing pure aluminum foil; however, it can also emboss other materials. The 1500 will operate at an adjustable running speed of 5-40 meter per minute.

The embossing rollers are digitally etched to create a perfectly matched set. This allows each embosser to operate stably at high speeds. The ability to use such a variety of materials gives the embosser a wide range of applications.

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