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Rebonder For Bonded Carpet Underlayment Continues Production

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Kornylak Manufactures Rebonder For Continues Production Of Bonded Carpet Underlayment

Rebonder At A Glance

Kornylak manufactures Rebonder for continues production of bonded carpet underlayment.

  • Continuous Production Of Carpet Underlayment
  • Carpet Padding Production Equipment
  • Using Scrap Urethane Foam
  • Variable, Controlled Thicknesses
  • Hands Off Process
  • Better Quality Cushion Faster
  • Higher Profit Margins
Continuous Production Of Bonded Carpet Underlayment

Continuous production of bonded carpet underlayment is available with Rebonder. The Rebonder system converts low value flexible polyurethane salvage into a high value carpet underlayment for which there is a steadily growing market that is as large as the carpet industry itself. This continuous process eliminates as much as 50% of the labor in older methods and reduces waste and regrind by as much as 95%. Film or backing is applied "on the run," and the finished product is automatically compressed, as it is rolled up, wrapped and sealed in standard lengths at the end of the line.

Rebonder can produce carpet cushion in a continuous 72" width sheet, with controlled thicknesses from 1/4" to 1" and at speeds from 10' to 60' per minute. The 200 foot long Rebonder has a production potential of 19,000 square yards per eight-hour shift.

Convert Your Scrape Foam Into Profitable Carpet Underlayment

The Rebonder system can work around the clock converting your low value scrap foam into high quality carpet underlayment for which there is increasing demand. We will test and install all of the components of the system from bulk storage of the polyurethane salvage, to the machinery that packages each roll of finished product. Call us today and turn your scrap foam problem into profit.

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