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Kornylak Corporation
400 Heaton St.
Hamilton, OH 45011

Phone:     513.863.1277
Toll Free: 800.837.5676
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Kornylak Corporation
Manufacturing Equipment to Improve Productivity

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Kornylak Corporation is an Engineering-Oriented Manufacturing Company

Our Product Lines Include:

Kornylak manufactures a variety of conveyor systems for manufacturing, material handling and insulation production.
Kornylak manufactures conveyor wheels, omni directional wheels, powered wheels, bi directional wheels, plastic wheels, and gravity flow wheels.
Kornylak manufactures equipment to produce structural insulation panels, SIPs, phenolic insulation, EPS block molds, building panels, flexible foam, and foam board production.
Kornylak Vehicles are used for material handling and cargo handling.

Conveyor Systems: Belt, Roller, Vertical, Gravity Powered, Material Handling

Kornylak manufactures conveyor systems, metal belt conveyors, rubber belt, steel slat conveyors, metal slat, roller conveyors, gravity flow and gravity powered conveyors. Material handling conveyors run horizontally, vertically or on a slope.

Wheels: Conveyors, Material Handling, Robots, AGV's, Multidirectional, Lightweight, Heavy-Duty

Manufacturing wheels for conveyors, material handling systems, gravity flow systems, pallet flow racks, controlled gravity systems, live storage systems, multi-directional movement, robots, light weight conveyors, AGV's, all plastic skate wheels, multi-directional wheels, bi-directional wheels and wheels for powered transfer systems.
Insulation Equipment: Building Panels, Structural Insulated Panels, Foam Cutter, Embossing Machines

An innovator in developing machinery for manufacturing Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs using Polyurethane foam, Isocyanurate foam, Phenolic foam and Expanded Polystyrene foam or EPS. Kornylak fabricates insulation equipment to manufacture insulated building panels, insulated wall panels, insulation foam board sandwiches, carpet padding manufacturing, floral foam and EPS blocks.

Vehicles: Cargo Handling, Material Handling, Cargo Hauling, Crop Harvest

Kornylak manufactures Specialty Vehicles for the following systems: cargo handling, material handling, air cargo handling, aircraft loading and crop harvesting. Kornylak specialty vehicles are the Karry-All, 40K Loader, Strad-O-Lift, and Straddle Fork.

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Palletflo : Gravity-powered, palletized load storage solution


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Products: Conveyors, Wheels, Material Handling, Insulated Panel Equipment

Conveyors: Gravity Flow, Steel Belt, Metal Slat, Rubber Belt, Roller, Vertical

Armorbelt, Cartonflo, Macrobelt, Monoflo, Palletflo, Rollerflo, TKV, Trackwheel, TS Live Roller, Vertiflo, Zipflo   

Wheels: Conveyor, Gravity Flow, Plastic, Robot, Omni Directional

Miniwheel, Omniwheel, Palletflo, Pallet Flow, Superwheel, Transdisc, Transwheel, Rotacaster, Mechanum, HD Mechanum       

Insulation: Manufacturing Equipment, Building Panels, Dispensing Machines

Building Panel, Process Tunnel, Dispensing Machines, Flexible Foam, Rebonder, Block Mold, Embossing Machine, Accessories, FoamCutter
Vehicles: Material Handling, Aircraft Loading, Cargo Handling, Crop Harvesting

Karry-All, 40K Loader, Strad-O-Lift, Straddle Fork

Robots: Wheels, Mounting, Competitions, Information, Resources

Kornylak Corporation is an engineering-oriented manufacturing company that specializes in the design and construction of special machinery for the material handling and storage industry, and insulation manufacturing industry. Our innovative conveyor systems are used in multiple applications. Our wheels are used for material handling, conveyors, and robots. Our insulation manufacturing equipment is in use all over the world producing insulated panels for a myriad of functions.

Kornylak Corporation engineers have designed many one-of-a-kind machines for increased manufacturing productivity. How may we help you?

Kornylak Corporation - 400 Heaton Street, Hamilton, Ohio 45011, USA
Phone: 1.513.863.1277 | Toll Free: 1.800.837.5676 | Fax: 1.513.863.7644 | AKORNTEST

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