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Robot Resources: Wheels, Parts, Books

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A List of Robot Resources for Parts, Books and Wheels

Robot Resource Name

Omniwheel.com Omni Directional Robot Wheels
Omniwheel offers several types of omni directional wheels for robots.

Society Of Robots
The Society of Robots website is a tutorial and help forum for people interested in building robots.

Superdroid Robots, Autonomous Robot Sales and Development
Autonomous programmable robots and robot parts including OOPics, cameras, sensors, RS232 cables and more. We also carry many Sensors, OOPic Accessories, Wireless Cameras and converter cables.

Playrobot.com Robots and Parts
Playrobot.com carries a wide verity of robots and parts. They are located in Taiwan.

Acroname Easier Robotics
Simply stated, we make robotics easier. Our customers are the people who build innovative robots.

Robot Electronics Advanced Electronics to Robot builders
This site was setup to provide a source of electronic modules and components to robot builders.

Pololu Robot Kits, Parts, & Electronics
Pololu's primary products are small electronics modules for motion control and sensing. We also manufacture several distinctive prototyping boards to allow robotics enthusiasts to get their creations running quickly.

Dr. Robot
Build robots, robot kits, motor driver, servo controller, sensors, Dr Robot develops technologies that will bring robotics into people's everyday lives in the form of robotic toys, consumer robotic devices, and high-level interactive tools, license OEM solutions to build autonomous mobile and or personal robots for home & enterprise in bipedal humanoid or other forms.

Storming Robots. LLC
A learning center using robots  to strengthen computational thinking skills, and offering a level of technical challenge not commonly present in grade schools. 

The Robotics Academy
The National Robotics Engineering Consortium maintained by Carnegie Melon University offers curriculum and activities for teaching robotics.



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