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Robot Wheels Both Powered & Idler

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Cat-Trak Transwheels, Omniwheels And Rotacaster Wheels Are Used As Powered And Idler Robot Wheels

Transwheel and Omniwheel robot wheels Kornylak Corporation Offers Several Types Of Robot Wheels

The Kornylak Corporation offers several styles of wheels that can be used as robot wheels. They are the Transwheel®, the Omniwheel and Rotacaster. These wheels are used as multi directional, or omni directional idler wheels as well as powered bi directional wheels.

Transwheel Idler & Powered wheels For Robotics

Transwheel Multi-Directional Powered Robot Wheels

Transwheel has a unique design with eight free-turning rollers positioned at 90 degrees to the axle around the Transwheel periphery. Combine this independent movement with the rotation of the wheel body and you have the ability to move loads in any direction.

Cat-Trak Transwheel Provides Robot Wheels With Superior Griping Power The Cat-Trak Transwheel with polyurethane rollers and stainless steel axles provide awesome gripping power.

The Cat-Trak Transwheel was designed as a robot wheel and comes with either synthetic rubber coated polypropylene rollers or polyurethane rollers and stainless steel axles for awesome gripping power. Standard Transwheels have nylon rollers for heavy loads to reduce operational friction; the new rollers are designed with traction in mind. If your robot needs to walk up a metal ramp, or across a tile or hard wood floor, the Cat-Trak Transwheel is what you need!

The Cat-Trak Transwheels use the same bodies as the standard Transwheels; however, they use different rollers. The 2000 series Cat-Trak Transwheels are available with the rubber coated polypropylene rollers, while the 4000 series is available with either type of Cat-Trak roller.

Omniwheel Heavy-Duty And Lightweight Robot Wheels There are three sizes of Omniwheels available: 4.72 inch heavy-duty, 3.15 inch and 1.9 inch all plastic wheels.

Omniwheel Omni-Directional Robot Wheels

The Omniwheel design is based upon the use of three free-turning barrel-shaped rollers, which are mounted, in a staggered pattern around the periphery of a larger diameter main wheel. The combination of these two rolling elements provides a compact and inexpensive unit for moving heavy loads in any direction along a plane smoothly and with minimum effort.

Omniwheels make great omni directional robotic wheels and powered bidirectional robot wheels. Note that the wheels need to be ordered in pairs.

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