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Video Of PALLETFLO® Gravity Flow Rack System

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More Video Of Kornylak's PALLETFLO® Gravity powered Conveyors :

WMV Video Palletflo Live Storage(Old) (WMV Format 12.7 MB)
This video is an introduction to PALLETFLO® to show how it works. This video is quite large and it is best viewed on a broadband connection.

MPEG 1 Video Pallet Video 4 (MPEG 1 Format 4.8 MB)
This is a PALLETFLO® test video using a plastic pallet with Light and Heavy loads.

MPEG 1 VideoLoad Isolator Video(MOV Format 130 MB)
This video demonstrates load isolators in action and the time it takes for each pallet to move in its rail zone.

MPEG 1 VideoLink to PALLETFLO® Videos on YouTube
Link to PALLETFLO® videos on YouTube, including new Electronic Load Isolator.

These are test videos of Kornylak's PALLETFLO® gravity flow system for storage racks in action. PALLETFLO® combines the advantages of gravity flow rails with the "Magic" of elastomeric hysteresis wheels. The "Magic" of PALLETFLO® continues to impress users from space-conscious warehouse managers and performance-concerned engineers to cost-conscious presidents and CEOs with its reliability, safety, versatility and cost savings. PALLETFLO® results in immediate and long term cost savings, because there are no brakes, electronics, pneumatics or controls to require attention or maintenance and gravity is the power.

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