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Palletflo®, Gravity Flow Rack, Case Study

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Case Study On Palletflo® Gravity Flow Racks

Certified Grocers, Commerce, California is just one company of literally tens of thousands who have purchased Kornylak's Palletflo® live storage systems over the past 40+ years. The reasons all these companies chose Palletflo® over other storage rack solutions varied, but they all come down to the following.Certified Grocers chose Palletflo because it is the best gravity flow rack system.

High Density Storage Racks
Pallet flow rack systems have a higher density of storage space per square foot of floor space than standard racks. This higher density means less wasted floor space and in some cases it achieves a 60% increased in efficiency of warehouse space. The first in first out (FIFO) rack design requires fewer forklift trucks for loading and unloading, because all the loading is done at one end, while all the discharging is at the other end. Palletflo® gravity flow racks can vary in length (some as long as 120 feet).

Simple Design Saves You Money
No brakes, mechanisms, electronics, pneumatics, power or controls means nothing to readjust or maintain; this saves you downtime and money. Your standard pallets roll by gravity at a gentle speed.

Efficient Load Handling & Pallets Required
With the same pallet handling your load in receiving, storage and shipping means no need to transfer to or from special or slave pallets. The beauty of the Palletflo® system is that it will work with most standard wood pallets.

Dependable Palletflo®
Thousands of installations have proven Palletflo® under a wide range of conditions. Some installations are over 45 years old.

Palletflo® is more economical to buy than other gravity flow systems, because of the operational cost savings, no maintenance, and no replacement of worn out brakes or control systems. Palletflo® is simple to install. There are no special pallets to buy. There are no special training or maintenance programs required.

Seeing Is Believing
Kornylak offers to test your pallet and load on our Palletflo® test system for free. Arrangements can be made to schedule a test for you at your convenience with no obligation on your part. If you are unable to attend, we will send you a video of the test for free.

Palletflo® was the first pallet live storage/picking system. It has served a vast array of users. It is still the industry favorite. Let us discuss your live storage and order picking plans with you. We can help you develop a system to meet all your needs and well within your budget and time schedule.

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