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Palletflo: Executive Product Summary

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Palletflo :
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Executive Summary of the Palletflo Gravity Flow Conveyor

Understanding Pallet Flow Design Palletflo gravity flow conveyor and rack system
  • Palletflo is a gravity conveyor or live storage system
  • Most pallet flow systems use hard plastic wheels and brakes that constantly need adjusting
  • Palletflo uses energy absorbing tires and never needs readjusting
  • Each Palletflo wheel uses hysteresis to control the load as it flows down the lane
  • Palletflo requires no maintenance, no adjustments, no power, and no control system
  • No maintenance saves you time and money
  • Mixed loads can use the same lane without any adjustment
  • First-in, First-out designs save 60% warehouse space over standard racks
  • FIFO racks also use less people and equipment for loading and unloading
  • Pallet flow racks work in lanes as long as 120 feet
  • The Palletflo system works with most standard pallets
Wheel types
  • The blue, orange and black urethane tires of the Palletflo wheels are designed to dissipate kinetic energy
  • Blue wheels are designed for cool room storage
  • Orange wheels are for use in a warehouse
  • Black wheels are designed for freezer room storage
  • Yellow wheels are used in push back racks, push-line systems and pallet entry rails
  • Steel wheels are used for pallet loading and unloading
Rail Types
  • Three types of rails are: entry, intermediate, and discharge
  • Entry rails use steel or yellow wheels in the first 48 inches
  • Intermediate rails use all blue, orange or black wheels
  • Discharge rails are similar to intermediate rails, but have a pallet stop at the end
Rail Information Sketch of Palletflo entry system and components
  • Rails are available in three standard lengths: 8, 10, and 12 feet
  • Rails can be custom made to any length you need
  • The rails are made using standard 12 gage or optional 10 gage steel
  • Standard rails are powder coated blue, or optional galvanized finish
  • There are two rail configurations: single row of wheels and double row of wheels
  • Wheel spacing is calculated from total board width of the pallet divided by the maximum load weight in pounds
  • Light loads need only 2 rails, use 3 rails for intermediate, and 4 rails for heavy loads
  • We can help determine the best rail configuration for you
  • We will also test your pallets on our test system at no cost
  • Rail Stops
  • Pallet entry guides
  • Pallet guide rails
  • Load isolators

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