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Armorbelt® Executive Product Summary

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An Executive Summary of the Armorbelt® Conveyor

Armorbelt Product Summary Assembly attachment brackets that can be fitted to the Armorbelt slats. Click to enlarge.

Versatile Applications
  • Conveying a multitude of loads from ounces to tons
  • Handles individual nuts and bolts to assemble washers and motorcycles
  • No gaps between slats keep small objects on conveyor belt
  • Smooth hard slats allow for fast on/off loading onto material handling conveyors
  • Designed for material handling as a package conveyor
  • Moving work station, or walk-on / ride-on operations
  • Metal slats defy heat or cold
  • Works in industry as an assembly, drying, cooling or oven conveyor
  • Vertical, concave and convex designs enable product movement from floor to floor
Steel Belts and Slat Styles This is a perforated slat. Click to enlarge.
  • Slats are zinc coated or Stainless steel
  • Steel belts ride on ball bearing rollers allowing heaver loads
  • Provide high load capacity with long life (decades)
  • Flexible with tight joints
  • Optional joint sealing available
  • Smooth, hard, low friction surface
  • Will not cut, tear or stretch
  • Easy on/off loading
  • Resists oil and solvents
  • Clean quickly and easily
  • Handles a variety of attachments
  • Belt perforations available for transfer of heat and liquids
The top of a vertical Armorbelt conveyor showing a variety of user added safety features. Click to enlarge. Cost Savings Design
  • Low maintenance
  • Labor saving self-tracking conveyor belt
  • Automatic take-up compensates for expansion and contraction of belt
  • Unitized construction means fast and easy conveyor assembly
  • Unitized design allows for fast and simple length changes
  • Low power requirements save energy
  • Positive drive permits heavy loads
User Specifications
  • Variable widths from 9 inches to 12 feet
  • Lengths from 6 feet to 300 plus feet
  • You specify the height
  • You select the speed: fixed, variable, or indexed
  • Any number of controls may be added including safety lockouts

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