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Features Of Armorbelt® Conveyors

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Armorbelt® Engineered With Features To Save Time & Money

This is the top of a Vertical Armorbelt conveyor. Ball Bearing Rollers Enable Heavy Loads
Heavy load capacity enabled with ball bearing belt rollers. These belt rollers provide 4 times the load capacity of a standard belt conveyor at the same horsepower. The ball bearing rollers have an optional automatic lubrication feature.

Light Weight Steel Belts
Light weight zinc coated or stainless steel belt slats are strong and provide high load capacity, long life, flexible, tight joints. The slat links or belts have a smooth, hard, low friction surface for easy on/off loading. The steel belt wipes clean and will not cut, tear or stretch and they resist oil and solvents. Plus the steel belt withstands extreme heat and cold.

Save Time And Money
Armorbelt® saves time and money with self-tracking and low maintenance.

Automatic Belt Adjustment
Automatic take-up belt adjustment compensates for expansion and contraction from an oven conveyor or cooling conveyor.

Unitized Construction
Unitized construction means cost savings and simplified alteration and fast and easy assembly of the conveyor. Internal bracing provides a permanent square frame for each 10’ long welded section.

Multiple Speed Selections
Variable speed, fixed speed and indexing available to accomplish your production conveyor needs. This is the bottom of a Vertical Armorbelt conveyor.

Variable Dimensions For Width, Length And Height Available
Armorbelt® is available in widths, lengths, and heights to match your manufacturing and assembly conveyor requirements.

Conveyors With Versatile Applications
Application versatile Armorbelt® conveyor can be used as a drying, cooling and oven conveyor; assembly or production conveyor; material handling or package conveyor and for insulation lamination or foam expansion manufacturing.

Positive Drive For A Chainless Conveyor
Positive drive eliminates belt slip and permits movement of heavy loads. Special sprocket design prevents tooth jumping at overload. Optional totally enclosed drive available.

Convenient, Multiple Controls
Convenient controls on the Armorbelt II are on a recessed panel for safety and appearance. Start button, forward/reverse lever, speed adjusting knob, calibrated speed dial, reset button. Panel swings out for access to panel wiring. Panel interlock disconnects power for safety. Optional safety switch cord on both sides of the conveyor for convenient stopping of conveyor from any workstation along its length is available.

Modifications And Special Conveyor Requirements Are Not A Problem
Special conveyor requirements are not a problem. Armorbelts® versatility allows for numerous modifications to meet you specific requirements. Armorbelt® can run as a horizontal, incline and vertical conveyor. Vertical curves are also possible. Special fixtures can be bolted to the steel slats for orienting the conveyed items. This facilitates assembly line operations.

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