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Zipflo® Fast, Light Weight, Belt Conveyors

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Additional Information On Zipflo® Belt Conveyors

Series ZHX Hanger Zipflo Series ZHX Hanger Zipflo®
Typical hanger Zipflo® system handles up to 30-pound load, in either direction on hooks, hangers or wire rack. Loads can be placed on the system at any point. They immediately move away and can be automatically discharged and accumulated at one or more predetermined points along the system.

Series ZFX Floating Power Zipflo® Series ZFX Floating Power Zipflo
Floating Power Zipflo is a floor-level or table-height conveyor in which the belt moves a wheel-supported load. It provides low friction systems for moving, holding, or accumulating cartons, trays, or similar flat bottom loads. Diverters, stops, turntables, counters and other devices are easily added at any point. The load is supported by rows of 2-inch diameter ball bearing steel wheels that are zinc-plated for good appearance and corrosion-resistance, and grease-packed for dependable operation. Constant belt pressure is maintained against loads by means of adjustable pressure springs. Standard wheel centers for supports are on 3-inch spacings. Series ZNX Twin-Zip Zipflo

Series ZNX Twin-Zip
Twin-Zip Zipflo® is an exceptionally light weight, compact conveyor for cartons, trays and other flat bottom loads. Two high-traction belts move irregularly shaped loads at high speed up inclines to 20 degrees. Series STX Trough-Zip Zipflo

Series ZTX Trough-Zip
The Trough-Zip Zipflo® has slotted or v-trough - for rapid movement of such items as books or envelopes and small items like electronic assemblies. Manual or power-operated gates can be added at any point in the trough, to permit selective discharge. Series ZSX Slide-Zip Zipflo

Series ZSX Slide-Zip
The Slide-Zip Zipflo® has slides on both sides of the belt for conveying smooth bottom loads, such as empty or loaded cartons and trays. Choice of friction-style, where load or tray is equipped with a lug that engages ridges in the low-set matrix belt and is used most often for steep inclines. Series SMX Mono-Zip Zipflo

Series SMX Mono-Zip
The Mono-Zip Zipflo® has a selection of guardrails to handle a full range of can, jar and bottle sizes. Also useful for small cartons or other cylindrical shape loads. Combinations of straight and inclined sections provide complete layout flexibility.

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