The Strad-O-Lift® trailer is used for cargo hauling and pallet load handling across town or across the country.  

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Brochures On Strad-O-Lift®
Specialty Vehicle for Cargo Hauling

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Brochures On The Specialty Vehicle For Cargo Hauling Strad-O-Lift®

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Strad-O-Lift® Brochure (English)
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Kornylak’s Strad-O-Lift® is a specialty vehicle for cargo hauling and material handling.

Kornylak's Strad-O-Lift® is a specialty vehicle for cargo hauling and material handling. Strad-O-Lift is designed to lift stacks of pallets and haul them around town, or around the country.

The driver can load and unload in under a minute and never have to leave the cab. This quick turnaround can reduce your load and unload time by more than 300%. Strad-O-Lift® can carry a variety of loads such as: lumber, fruits and produce, beer and soft drinks, reinforced concrete beams and slabs, pipe, and case goods.

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