The Strad-O-Lift® trailer is used for cargo hauling and material handling across town or across the country.  

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Additional Information On Strad-O-Lift®
For Cargo Material Handling

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Additional Information On the Material Handling & Cargo Hauling Vehicle Strad-O-Lift®

How It Operates Strad-O-Lift’s can transport 32 bins of fresh picked produce or just a few bins as shown here.
Loads for the Strad-O-Lift® are made-up, in bins on pallets or skids, in advance of pick-up time.

The Strad-O-Lift® is backed over and astride the load - a skill quickly acquired by experienced drivers.

Using in-the-cab controls, the driver actuates the lifting mechanism, which clamps and secures the load.

The Strad-O-Lift® is driven away, at highway speeds, to its destination; upon arrival the load shoes are lowered and the cargo deposited on the ground in seconds, into a warehouse, or onto powered conveyors.

Convenience And Safety Features
Lifting is accomplished by four heavy-duty hydraulically actuated ball screws -- no chains or cables to snap under impact or shock. Screws are self-cleaning -- need no lubrication.

A hydraulic pump, controlled by cab-mounted valve, operates the lifting shoes and closing cylinders. The pump may be truck-tractor mounted, or optionally powered by a separate engine mounted on the trailer.

Hydraulic motor and mechanical drive shafts drive the lifting mechanism gearbox. A brake automatically sets when the lifting valve closes, preventing the load from falling in the event of a hydraulic line failure. Lifting shoes can be full closed, or opened to 64" width. Hydraulic lock valves are provided for extra protection against hydraulic failure. Strad-O-Lifts are used for cargo handling at farms, factories and distribution centers.

The load is held secure by compression between the lifting shoes and overhead rubber load binders. This, together with walking beam suspension, insures a smooth safe ride for fragile loads. Time-consuming load tie-down and tarping is eliminated.

I.C.C. lights are standard; trailer-mounted floodlights are available to illuminate the loading area during night operation.

When sudden deceleration or stop is required, steel bar front-end load stops prevent dangerous load shift.

Size 16-1/2 x 5 air operated anti-skid brakes.

Quick disconnect hoses make it easy to couple or uncouple the trailer and tractor.

Other custom features are available.

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