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Sitemap For Kornylak Insulation Division

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Insulation Sitemap

Insulation manufacturing Equipment

Accessories Equipment and accessories for manufacturing insulation
FAQ Frequently asked questions
Pressure Conveyors Pressure conveyors for manufacturing insulation panels
Pressure Conveyor Picture 1
Pressure Conveyor Picture 2

Mold Filling Foam meter, mixing and dispensing units
Foam Core Products Different types of foam products manufactured from Kornylak equipment.
Foam Products Picture 1
Foam Products Picture 2
Foam Products Picture 3
Foam Products Picture 4
Foam Products Picture 5

Insulation Panels Machines for the production of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
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Building Panels Building Panel Sitemap Foam-Core Insulation Sandwiches
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Skin Types
Panel Questionnaire
Process Tunnel Process Tunnel Sitemap Foam Core Insulated Panel Manufacturing Equipment
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Panel Questionnaire
Dispensing Machine Dispensing Machine Sitemap Metering, Mixing & Dispenses of Urethane, Isocyanurate, & Phenolic Cellular Foam
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Flexible Foam Flexible Foam Sitemap Foam Insulation for Plastic foaming Industry
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Rebonder Rebonder Sitemap Continuous Production of Bonded Carpet Underlayment
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Block Mold Block Mold Sitemap Makes Solid Expanded Polystyrene Blocks (EPS)
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Foamcutter® FoamCutter is a computerized saw for cutting foam blocks into any shape imaginable.

Embossing Machine Embossing Machine Sitemap Embosser of aluminum-plated paper, aluminum foil, art paper, pattern paper

Unwind Stand Shaft-less unwind stands for quick easy roll changes
Unwind Stand Picture 1
Unwind Stand Picture 2

Board Transfer Unit The Board Transfer Unit lifts and holds a stack of ridged panels for the Board Feeder unit.
Board Transfer Unit Picture 1
Board Transfer Unit Picture 2

Board Feeder The Board Feeder picks up a panel off the Board Transfer Unit and places it onto the insulation production line.
Board Feeder Picture 1
Board Feeder Picture 2

Seam Taping Unit An automatic tape applicator connects board panels together to create a continuous line of panels.
Seam Taping Picture 1

Traverse The Traverse straddles the laydown area and reciprocates the mixing head laterally across.
Traverse Picture 1
Traverse Picture 2

Fume Removal The fume removal booth encloses the foam laydown and dispensing area and removes toxic vapors from the area for personnel protection.
Fume Removal Picture 1

Day Tanks Day Tanks are designed to store the total amount of chemicals needed for continuous production in a twenty-four hour period.
Day Tanks Picture 1
Day Tanks Picture 2
Day Tanks Picture 3

Metering Roller The freestanding metering roller assembly provides accurate metering and uniform distribution of the chemicals between two layers of the product substrate after laydown and before entering the Pressure Conveyor.
Meetering Roller Picture 1

Pressure Conveyor Armorbelt® and Process Tunnel® are the two types of pressure conveyors manufactured by the Kornylak Corporation.
Foamboarder Pressure Conveyor Picture 1
Foamboarder Pressure Conveyor Picture 2

Heating Equipment The heating equipment is used for heating the Foamboarder® to maintain the chemical process temperature.
Heating Units Picture 1
Heating Units Picture 2
Heating Units Picture 3

Roller Conveyors Roller conveyors are used as a run out platformto allow extra time before the board reaches the trim and cutoff saws.
Roller Conveyor Picture 1

Saws Trim saws and flying cutoff saws are an integral part of the integrated insulation foam board production line.
Saws Picture 1
Saws Picture 2
Saws Picture 3
Saws Picture 4

Dust Removal The dust removal system is designed to "vacuum" the sawdust and trim scrap away from the saw area.
Dust Removal Picture 1
Dust Removal Picture 2

Control Panels The central control console is a freestanding enclosure, which contains all power, control, logic, and indicator components.
Control Panels Picture 1
Control Panels Picture 2

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