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Video Of The Vertical Conveyor Vertiflo®

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Link to Videos Of Ships utilizing Kornylak's Vertiflo® rapid load/unload vertical powered Conveyors :

The Vertical Conveyor Vertiflo's Test Video

Videos of US Naval Vessels equipped with Kornylak Vertiflo® conveyors
This is a link to YouTube videos of naval vessels equipped with Kornylak Vertiflo® conveyors.
Vertiflo vertical conveyor test video 1. Test Video 1 (WMV Format. 1.5 MB)
This short video shows one load being placed onto the Vertiflo.

Vertiflo vertical conveyor test video 2. Test Video 2 (WMV Format. 6.9 MB)
This video shows several loads being placed onto the Vertiflo for a weight-bearing test.

Vertiflo is a vertical conveyor with a heavy-duty, compact design. These videos show load tests performed for the U.S. Navy. The Kornylak Corporation manufactured four Vertiflo's to be used on LHD 8. These Vertiflo's use a trunk design where by the entire conveyor system is lowered into the ship as one contained unit.

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