This page contains a comprehensive executive summary of Superwheel plastic conveyor wheels.  

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Superwheel®: Executive Product Summary

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Gravity Sections
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Executive Product Summary for Superwheel Plastic Conveyor Wheels

Understanding the Superwheel Design
  • Superwheel is an all plastic wheel designed to replace conventional conveyor skate wheels
  • It has the same outside diameter and inside diameter as most standard conveyor wheels
  • Superwheel is much lighter and has far less friction than standard wheels
  • Superwheel's design uses six nylon bearings that roll easily between the nylon bushing and outside wheel
  • Its all plastic construction is corrosion resistant and washable even by steam cleaning
  • Superwheel is lubricant free allowing it to be used for food processing
  • The all plastic wheel may be light in weight, but it has a load rating of 25 pounds per wheel
Gravity Conveyor Sections
  • Supersections are gravity conveyors that use the low friction Superwheel
  • The gravity sections are made from either steel or aluminum
  • Conveyor sections can be bolted together
  • Supersections come in three standard widths: 12, 18, and 24 inches and 10 foot lengths
  • An aluminum frame Supersection can support a 144 pound, while a steel frame can support 320 pound loads on 10 foot centers
  • Superwheel is a replacement for conventional conveyor skate wheels
  • Supersections are design to replace standard wheel conveyor sections
  • Superwheel has been used in the following applications: gravity flow conveyors, pallet flow racks, carton flow racks, and food processing conveyors


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