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High-Lift Karry-AllŽ
For Airline Cargo Handling

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The High-Lift Karry-AllŽ Provides Fast On-Off Air Cargo Loading


This Karry-All high-lift cargo truck is used to load and transport air cargo.

  • 14K Pound Load Capacity
  • 2 Independent Rows Of Roller Conveyors
  • Deck Height 45" To 204"
  • Deck Controls In Cab Or Remote
  • Fast On-Off Airline Loading
The High-lift Karry-AllŽ meets the cargo handling requirements of today's aircraft. The High-lift is designed for airline cargo handling where fast on-off loading is essential; it embodies a 96" x 260" deck with two independently powered roller conveyors. Driver-controlled from the cab, or by remote control, the High-lift Karry-AllŽ can be fully loaded with two igloo pallets or air cargo pallets in seconds. The Karry-AllŽ may then be used as an over-the-road cargo carrier. Used on the highway, the High-lift Karry-AllŽ cruises at 50 MPH.

To load an aircraft, the High-lift Karry-AllŽ is driven up to the aircraft. The driver swings the cab to one side, "inches" up to the fuselage, elevates the deck to the necessary height, then actuates the power rollers. The cargo is loaded automatically, through cab or remote control in little more than one minute per igloo. The Karry-All comes with an optional steel or canvas cover.

In some situations it may be desirable to operate the High-lift Karry-AllŽ solely as a cargo elevator. The deck may be elevated from 45" to 204" above ground level. Full elevation is effected in less than a minute. The deck can be shifted 4" from side to side to allow alignment with pallet locking mechanisms in the aircraft floor. The High-lift Karry-AllŽ may be stationed at the aircraft while a Low-lift Karry-AllŽ gathers and transports cargo to be loaded by the High-lift.

When the deck is elevated, pilot operated check valves within the lifting cylinders prevent sudden decent of the deck through hydraulic malfunction or operator error. In addition, built-in stabilizers at each rear wheel provide extra protection from vehicle movement during loading or unloading. Safety side rails help prevent accidental cargo slippage, and end-rail stops prevent accidental discharge of cargo. Operator safety is enhanced by all-around double strength safety plate glass and a cab of heavy gage steel. The Controls are designed for speed and convenience.

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